I'm not used to this.

So, I'm new at this blogging thing.

I had a blog a couple of years ago, used it when I was in Paris studying maskmaking with Stefano, but it seemed like it was something I could sustain only for a special time like that, like it was a crisis response,  maybe the only way to comprehend the amazing thing that was happening to me. When I got home, turning it into a daily practice didn't really work for me.The air went out of it.

Generally, I think my life is pretty boring. Or at least I think it would be to most people. And I'm afraid of veering into just a vapid, narcissistic catalog of the precious minutiae of my life, or swinging into the equally self-indulgent confessional, my own one-sided 12-step monologue. Of trying to elevate either of those two to literary status, as if my life were an ironically-assembled collection of gum wrappers, or some kind of Broadway musical or SUV episode.

I also had a period in school where I was required to keep a journal and show it to the faculty, and I found that it was busywork on my part, and invasive on theirs. And so, so easy to just fill the thing up with paragraphs of bullshit.

But I'm going to try it now. It took me a while to realize that not every blogger writes at length about what's consuming their thoughts on a daily basis. Some just post a picture or a quip or an epigram. Fine. That takes the pressure off. The fact is I want to write more. I want to exercise the muscles of writing. I want to engage more with the public.

I just want to have something worthwhile to say.

So I suppose that's the challenge: come up with something worth saying at least once a day.

The thought terrifies me.

But if I've learned anything from improv lately, it should be not to worry about that--just get out on the stage (or in this case the page) and see what's there.

So. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm saying it here, for you to read.

The company that hosts this website has an app for my phone that directly feeds to this blog, so I can do that on the go, and post pictures of the sidewalk, or whatever. So I'll be trying that, too.

If you made it this far into this post, thanks.