Transition at the Bovine

Today is my last official day as the Producer-Manager at the Bovine. So I sent the players this email:

Dear Bovine casts and house teams,

As most of you have heard by now, this was my last week as Producer-Manager at the Bovine. The reasons for this are only the hard economic realities of producing theatre. And we don’t need to dwell on them now.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for inspiring me with your work. It is your performances that gave my job a sense of purpose here, your willingness to go out on the stage and look for the sparks of magic. I believe that theatre is not about the presentation of ideas, or about some director’s “vision,” or scripts, or fancy sets and costumes, or even stories and games. The theatre at its heart must simply be a relationship between actors and audience. All that other stuff can be helpful, but it’s secondary at best. And that’s why I originally came to the Bovine, and will continue to play here for as long as I can--because of your willingness to simply step out from behind that black curtain, night after night, look the audience in the face, and play.

Now, I’m not going away. I still play with F’Actors and in On The Spot, and teach, and I will pop up in the Hoot and Changing Scenes, so I look forward to playing with you soon. I will also continue be the host of Fringe-which means I’m still going to be a jerk about call times on Thursday nights! So don’t be late. 8^)

Thanks for everything.

Produceriously yours,