Played in my first interactive murder mystery show tonight.

I've never done it before, and of course I've always been cynical about this kind of commercial performance. But it was a paying gig. And those are the only three words that matter this week.

The character I played was, interestingly enough, Teddy Roosevelt. The story took place in a 1920's mafia speakeasy, and naturally (Spoiler!) I wasn't really Teddy Roosevelt, but an impersonator. But for most of the gig I got to be Teddy Roosevelt, and run around the room planting red herrings. The character I settled on was a version of my Capitano, kind of a cross between my Third Base character Doug, mixed with a bunch of stuff I blatantly stole from Jerry's Emperor Norton, and with text cribbed heavily from Arsenic and Old Lace,. Bully! And the rest was clown, nervously stalking around looking for places to hide. Also,  for the first time, I got to do the rip-off-the-fake-mustache routine while revealing my true character.

So, fun.