Ooops. Sigh.

Wow, it's been a looooong time since I've posted here... for the tiny few of you who are my dedicated readers, I apologize for that.

The conference in Windsor turned out to be impossible to blog about, because it was in Canada, and therefore Verizon decreed that I was in Data Roaming territory, which meant I was going to pay $2.10 for every meg that I uploaded or downloaded. So I was trying to only log on when I had Wifi access, but for some reason, the University of Windsor required me to log on to their Wifi network, including typing a password, EVERY SINGLE TIME I wanted to post something--even a Tweet!--so that became totally impractical. It was nearly impossible anyway, since there was absolutely no downtime between conference sessions, and we were basically running from session (to the men's room) to session all day. After hours, of course, we had to rush and have dinner before getting to the drinking. In my hotel room, there was no free Wifi, either, and anyways most of my time there I was sleeping (or drunk.) So y'all were left in the dark. Sorry about that. And the conference forbade taking photos during presentations, for understandable copyright reasons. So I don't even have anything to show you. Sigh.

The masks for the film took longer than I expected, and were a great disappointment to me. I'll post photos and discuss them in a separate post.