A new project

So, tomorrow I'm debuting a new project.

I will be down on the 16th Street Mall somewhere, in the afternoon/evening, playing guitar.

It's a new strategy I'm trying to kickstart my life as a musician again, and also to start putting the Circo de Nada goal of "taking it to the street" into action. And hopefully it will make a little money. I've been learning some new songs--new to me, at least--and we'll see how it goes. The project as a whole is slated to continue throughout the summer, and hopefully by fall I'll have the repertoire and performance experience necessary to translate the act into indoor gigs.  I fully expect busking to be a whole new world that will take time for me to grow into.

The repertoire, for now, will mostly be my old coffeehouse material, most of which I'm sick to death of. But I intend to wring out whatever juice it has left, and slowly incorporate other material. For the new stuff, I'm focusing on Hank Williams and other classic country songs. I think they'll sell well in Downtown Denver.

Anyways, tomorrow is just going to be a first stab. I don't feel ready and I'm unenthused about most of the material. Which means it's the perfect time to get off my ass and start playing.

See you there...