Entertain the Imagination and take it to the street.

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Circo de Nada is a theatre, puppetry and music project led by Nick Trotter. We produce unconventional performances and take them to the street—wherever the people are: schools, churches, theaters, or even just the streets! Check out our upcoming shows, and also our classes & workshops. For booking or other information, contact us here.


Our goal is to perform a mixture of theatre, music and Carnavalesque spectacle, on the streets or within theaters and other institutions, using masks, puppets, and music to create performance that literally moves people. Our name, seemingly nonsensical, refers to the practice of using minimal sets, costumes and production values, along with improvisation, found objects and junkyard music, to conjure up worlds of imagination and flights of fancy. We are Denver-based, and are committed to creating performance in the here-and-now, responding to the issues and needs of this community and this land. To that extent, we are creators of Theatre of Place. But Denver is not just in Colorado, it's on the Earth—so we do projects with a global literary heritage as well, and we are built to be portable and to tour.

We do this because our society is increasingly divided, polarized, individualized and isolationist. Circo de Nada exists to move entertainment and imagination across the gaps, to bring people together in laughter and wonder.

We use the plastic arts of mask, puppetry and style to break out of the mundane realism that pervades theatre today. We believe that entertainment and fantasy are more important than instruction or weighty ideas. We create music that inspires actual movement. And we break out of the tired architecture of "the arts" to bring laughter and movement directly to the public.

Circo de Nada is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

Current Productions:


Circo de Nada improv

The Book of Jonah  

Henry Four

We are currently developing a show called Circo de Nada, an experimental, contemporary take on Commedia dell'Arte, improvised around a loose circus structure. We named it after ourselves to be our flagship production, one that embodies our core principles of live presence, Carnavalesque invention, and portability. Bits and pieces of the show have been performed at Bovine Metropolis Theater and the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. At the moment, the show exists mostly as an improv team, performing in various comedy venues around Denver, but We expect that it will grow and evolve over time, possibly incorporating and adapting classic texts, from writers like Rabelais, Kalidasa, or Lewis Carroll, and even spinning off into discrete, original shows.


A solo Circo de Nada set at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in Denver, April 11, 2016.