Commedia dell'Arte

This introductory class investigates the masks, archetypes, characters and comic structure of this ancient but vital form of comedy.

Basic mask technique will be covered, and we will delve into the characteristic play and lazzi of all the major types; the workshop will culminate with rehearsed scenarios and a public performance.

The workshop starts Thursday, January 12th, and runs for 8 weeks. It is happening at the Jazzercise studio at 3435E. 28th Avenue in City Park North. (It is not a Jazzercise class!) The cost is $200.

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The Mask Cycle

Look for the next Mask Cycle in Spring, 2017!


– Royce Roeswood, director and improviser

The Mask Cycle is my basic, 8-week mask and movement workshop. The emphasis is on finding the means to support and animate an object—a mask or puppet—that is not a part of you. The progressive study of stillness, awareness, breath and ease is the key. The workshop will utilize Neutral Masks, Larval Masks, Emotion Masks, Character Half-Masks, and masks made from the actors' own faces. The purpose is to study movement on the stage, whether you continue to work with masks or not. The workshop is happening at the Jazzercise studio at 3435E. 28th Avenue in City Park North. (It is not a Jazzercise class!) The cost is $200.

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More information on The Mask Cycle:

The Challenge is to animate an object that is not alive. We have to support the object and carry it with a spirit of devotion and service. We have to live for the mask.

To do this, we must cultivate our own stability and vitality. We begin by examining and learning to articulate the levels of tension in our bodies. The Neutral Mask is a study tool that helps us with this. Then, we work on making and supporting masks using the muscles and sinews of our own faces, to begin the study of taking on someone else's face. Larval Masks—large, simple masks that intimate character without articulating it—are then used as a bridge toward emotions and characters. We will then use Emotion Masks to embody the emotions, and finally Character Masks—in this case, comic half-masks in the Commedia dell'Arte tradition—to explore character and comedy. Then, we cycle back to Neutrality to deepen our understanding of the Mask that underlies all other masks.

Participants who have taken previous 8-week Mask and Movement workshops can take this course at a $75 discount, and will receive advanced individual training along with a workout in the basics.


Contact Improv Jam

Starting January 1oth!

7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at 3435 E. 28th Avenue in City Park North.

This weekly jam, sponsored by Circo de Nada, is an opportunity to explore stage movement in an intimate, exploratory, collaborative setting. First and foremost, it is a workout! It's a weekly opportunity to connect with the player's physicality and creative dynamism. The goal, for individuals, is to discover their own range of movement and their own mass, by putting it into dynamic, physical contact with other players. 

All abilities and disabilities are welcome. No experience or skill as an actor, dancer or performer is necessary, and all body types that can give and receive weight are encouraged to join. The goal is to explore the range of humanity. 

The jam starts on Tuesday, January 10th, and  is happening at the Jazzercise studio at 3435E. 28th Avenue in City Park North. (It is not a Jazzercise class!) The jam operates on a drop-in basis; no reservation is needed, and the cost is $5 per person, per class.

Contact me with questions.

Other Available Classes:

All of these classes and workshops can be combined or customized for nearly any event or length of study, from two hours up to two weeks (or more). I am also available as a movement and improv coach for theatre productions and schools. Contact me for more information and to discuss your project!

The Clown loop

The fundamentals of Rednose Clown. Discover your own eccentricities and put them forth for laughter. Note: at least one Mask Cycle is prerequisite for this course.

Coming soon!


Discover the voice of this satirical, grotesque cousin of the Clown. Note: at least one Mask Cycle is prerequisite for this course.

Coming soon!



A contemporary exploration of this Italian Renaissance form of comedy, using principles from The Mask Cycle and comic half-masks. Character is the name of the game!


The Heart of the game

An introduction to improv, focusing on games of all levels.

Voice for the Stage

Drawing on the teachings of Chuck Jones and Carlos Simioni, this workshop explores the grounded, expressive and emotional voice, as well as the use of resonators for character.

Physical Comedy

Based in improv and the study of classic vaudeville routines, this workshop explores the fundamentals of character, status and finding comedy in the use of space.


Fundamentals of mask design in papier maché.