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This is my basic improv workshop. I teach students to look for a number of "games" in improv, especially status games and character games. I'm also beginning to incorporate the concepts of the "game of the scene" as taught by the Upright Citizens' Brigade.

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Other Available Classes:

All of these classes and workshops can be combined or customized for nearly any event or length of study, from two hours up to two weeks (or more). I am also available as a movement and improv coach for theatre productions and schools. Contact me for more information and to discuss your project!

Mask and Movement

Fundamentals of mask technique and stage movement, with a basis in taiji quan and improvisation. Neutral Masks, Larval Masks, Face Masks, and Comic Half-Masks are all explored.

"I highly recommend this workshop for all performers. Nick knows his stuff!"

– Royce Roeswood, director and improviser

Voice for the Stage

Drawing on the teachings of Chuck Jones and Carlos Simioni, this workshop explores the grounded, expressive and emotional voice, as well as the use of resonators for character.

Physical Comedy

Based in improv and the study of classic vaudeville routines, this workshop explores the fundamentals of character, status and finding comedy in the use of space.

Commedia dell'Arte

This workshop delves into the contemporary use of a classical style, studying mask, character archetypes and the history of this fascinating form.


Fundamentals of mask design in papier maché.