Ferdinand the Magnificent!

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Photo by Zuzka Sabata, 2008

Photo by Zuzka Sabata, 2008

A pink Spandex body suit. A green bowtie. A diaper... with a bell. A rather... absurd nose. A trip through the universe. A quest for love.


These are all that Ferdinand has, or knows, or is... until he meets friends along the way. Ferdinand lives in an intensely musical world and puppetry, juggling, slapstick and song are all part of the journey. Join this wild, witty, irreverent Clown on his mystical, musical trip through space and time, and play along as he encounters the Bizarre, the Fantastical, the Absurd... and perhaps even the Magnificent!


"A descendant of none other than Harpo Marx." —Slant Magazine

"I have finally seen the Rabelaisian Clown!"—NY Clown Festival Blog


My body is music! So is love. And so are Skittles, if you think about it.

I have routines that can vary from 5 to 60 minutes long, and I'll play anywhere. I will come to your parties and private events! There's a guy who does my booking. You can contact him here.


Assaulted by a Flower

Photos by Michele McCall-Wallace, 2009