Masks for theatre, carnaval and Halloween

I work primarily in leather and wood at this point, but papier maché is possible.

I was trained by Bruce Marrs at Dell'Arte International, and by Stefano Perocco at his atelier in Paris.

I also make latex noses, for rednose Clown as well as prosthetics.

If you would like to commission some masks, or discuss custom prosthetic design, please contact me here.

I also teach mask movement and play.

Noses and prosthetics

The Fat Lady in Crawdaddy's Odditorium

In 2008 I was hired by the Calgary Animated Objects Society and the Arcata Playhouse to create a fat suit for this production about a family of sideshow freaks. The suit was carved out of foam rubber, with shredded foam stuffed into nylon hose to create the "cellulite" effect for the arms. The costume outside the suit was created by Xstine Cook.