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My main project in theatre right now is Circo de Nada, a producing entity responsible for a number of different productions, including Henry FourThe Book of Jonah, and an improv team.

I believe that to stay relevant in our global society, the theatre must either touch the center of the universe—reveal profound truths—or just be very, very entertaining. It can always do both, and often the second path will lead to the first. It cannot be a static presentation of ideas. It must be a vital, energetic relationship between actors and audience.

I teach improv and physical theater at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, where I was formerly the the Education Director. I have also worked as a Producer-Manager at Bovine Metropolis Theater, where I was responsible for day-to-day operations of the theater, and where I continue to perform as an improviser, comedian, and host. I perform sometimes in the physical comedy duo Third Base! with Jerry Lee Wallace. Imake puppets and masks, and I also teach various aspects of acting and theatre. See below for photos of past work.

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Official portrait by Sean Dennie from the 2011 International Animated Objects Festival in Calgary, Alberta


The Misunderstood Badger

This was a multimedia show I created in 2009 in collaboration with David Ferney of the Arcata Playhouse. It was a one-man show for David, pictured here in performance at the Ko Festival of Performance in July of 2009. I co-wrote the text, composed and performed a live score on guitar, and directed the show. The mask is by David Ferney, with paint by Bruce Marrs. All photos © 2009 by Holly Gettings.


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