Third Base! is my comedy collaboration with Jerry Lee Wallace. We started in 2008 in Blue Lake, California, developing duet physical comedy in the tradition of the classic combos: Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Ernie & Bert, Kirk & Spock... and of course we put our own original spin on things. The show we developed, over the course of two years, is Myths of the Plastic Age, which featured our duet material in the first act, and solos by our clown characters (Emperor Norton and Ferdinand the Magnificent) in the second act. The show played at the Arcata Playhouse in January of 2010, and we revised it for performances in January of 2014. Check out our YouTube Channel. There, you can see bits from our show, and also a number of promo spots we did for Fox 28, a Eureka TV station. For booking or other information, contact me here.


Poster for our January, 2010 production. Original watercolor art by Jerry Lee Wallace.